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Solvas Accounting

Comprehensive, flexible financial accounting system that handles a wide range of asset classes and can fully address all the complexities of syndicated loans.

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The market challenge

Accounting for bank debt investing and direct lending is arduous. A reliance on legacy tools such as Excel results in a lack of real-time visibility across assets, while any change in variables requires the re-working of huge volumes of data, meaning that data accuracy, delivery speed, consistency & transparency all suffer

Solvas Accounting

Accounting is the only reporting solution purposely built for investment managers and fund administrators in the loan space. Whether you are dealing with the nuances of syndicated bank debt or the intricacies of mezzanine loans, the platform helps drive cost and resource efficiencies across multiple contracts, supported by our deep market knowledge and dedicated team of experts.

How Accounting supports your business

Fast, in-depth reporting
The financial accounting and reporting software quickly generates in-depth reports across portfolios, driving deep operational and cost efficiencies.

Ease of customization
Flexible, data-driven design to allow complete and easy customization of charts of accounts, settings, journal entry treatment of events (to accommodate various accounting methodologies), and approaches in multiple reporting currencies.

Detailed account visibility
Gives the ability to drill down from aggregate accounts to each underlying journal entry, ensuring transparency and flexibility.

Comprehensive support
Our experts are at hand to lead the implementation of the platform in partnership with your team, mapping it to our standard charter of accounts.

The key features of Accounting

Advanced functionality to simplify your process

  • Accommodates varied accounting periods for quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily closing
  • Presents financial reports in multiple currencies with an automatic, separate calculation of foreign currency translation gain/loss
  • Provides predefined workflows for setup, on-demand processes, and recurring activities. Plus modify workflows or create new ones to support your unique procedural or approval needs
  • Accounting can be used as a stand-alone accounting system, hosted, or integrated with an existing general ledger to match your business needs
  • The system’s reporting entities have their own customizable chart of accounts and can include one or more portfolios

    Generates a wealth of reports

  • Statement of assets and liabilities/ balance sheet
  • Statement of operations/income statement
  • Statement of changes in net assets
  • Statement of cash flows

    How Accounting supports key roles

    If you're a Fund Administrator:

    The challenge: 

    How can ensure streamlined accounting across bank debt investing and direct lending that delivers real-time visibility across assets with accurate, consistent and transparent data you can rely on?


    The Accounting solution:  

    A single, straightforward, resource-efficient and flexible platform that manages the complexities of multiple financial instruments across multiple portfolios. 


    If you're an Investment Manager:

    The challenge: 

    How can you analyse performance accurately without the pain of re-working of huge volumes of data as variables change, and while supporting reports on different accounting bases?


    The ALLL+ solution:  

    Enables the automated reprocessing of transactional activities, data drill down from aggregate accounts, and configurability to your company’s financial methodology.

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