Solvas Compliance

Transparent, flexible CLO calculations to ensure you satisfy compliance tests.

The market challenge

To meet CLO compliance limits, you have to perform detailed risk analysis and non-stop monitoring. Technology can make the job of testing compliance less time-consuming and stressful, but not every solution is the same. Some don’t provide the scalable, flexible, and accurate models that help ensure effective portfolio management. 

Solvas Compliance

Solvas Compliance fills the gap left by applications that you can’t tailor or update and platforms that lack transparency and independence. 

Easy to configure and simple to use — no programming knowledge or outsourcing required — Solvas Compliance lets you minimize compliance risk for each CLO.  You’ll improve deal modeling and investor confidence, automatically. 

How Solvas Compliance supports your business

Stay on top of requirements

Solvas Compliance helps CLO managers, trustees, alternative investment managers, and fund administrators manage portfolios effectively and efficiently, even as markets and regulations change.

Ensure accuracy

Run robust compliance tests and hypothetical trade scenario analyses to minimize risk and ensure the accuracy of data output.

Customize your calculations

Any CLO software will let you perform industry standard calculations, but given how complex and nuanced the structures are, you still might not fully understand income and allocations, With Solvas Compliance’s flexible templates, you’ll also be able to customize your calculations to get the most complete picture of your portfolio.

Save time and money

Because there’s no need for specialized programming knowledge to use Solvas Compliance, you can model deals faster and with less overhead.

Enhance transparency

Multi-scenario hypothetical trade analysis and data comparison tools provide more insight into portfolio potential.

Seamless integration

Create a model for the calculation of compliance testing and waterfall payments (PoP) to be used over the life of the deal, with point in time portfolio snapshots – utilizing information from Solvas Portfolio – to calculate and display the results.

It all adds up

Do it yourself deal modeling and maintenance, with the ability to organize and display calculations to your specifications.

Solvas Compliance offers unparalleled configuration options for iterative calculation testing. You’ll work with our experts to build models that meet your needs and standards, including creating customized variables. You’ll easily determine notched ratings, recovery rates, principal balances, and more.

How Solvas Compliance supports key roles

If you’re a Chief Risk Officer:

The challenge:
How can you robustly test CLO compliance to ensure effective risk management across portfolios and build investor confidence?

The Solvas Compliance solution:
Solvas Compliance provides scalable, flexible models that deliver transparent and high-quality calculations for CLOs to help analyze and manage risk.

If you’re a Chief Operating Officer:

The challenge:
How do you model deals independently without the need for programming knowledge or expensive outsourcing options?

The Solvas Compliance solution:
Solvas experts will help you build tailored, flexible models to meet your specific business needs. Solvas Compliance is easy to learn and use.

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