Solvas Accounting

A flexible system that tames the complexities of syndicated loan accounting.

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The marketing challenge

Accounting for bank debt investing and direct lending can be arduous process, one that’s made all the more difficult when you’re relying on manual tools like Excel to keep track of things.  If just one variable changes, you’ll have to rework huge volumes of data by hand. Not only does that slow down the process, but it’s also an open invitation for inaccuracy and inconsistency to creep in.

Solvas Accounting

Solvas Accounting is the only reporting solution purpose-built for investment managers and fund administrators in the loan space. Whether you’re dealing with the nuances of syndicated bank debt or the intricacies of mezzanine loans, Solvas Accounting helps drive precision and efficiencies across multiple contracts.

High-performance solutions your fingertips

Generate a wealth of reports

Solvas Accounting delivers balance sheets, assets and liabilities statements, operations and income statements, cash flow statements, changes in net asset statements and more.

Improve visibility

Solvas Accounting lets you drill down from aggregate accounts to each underlying journal entry, for detailed visibility.

Pinpoint priorities

Complete and easy customization of transaction activity helps you make informed decisions.

Keep support on hand

Our experts can help you implement Solvas Accounting then support your team once you’re up and running.

Accounting made easier

Solvas Accounting can be used as a stand-alone accounting system, hosted, or integrated with an existing general ledger to match your business needs.

Solvas Accounting accommodates quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily closing. You can modify workflows or create new ones to support unique procedural or approval needs. Reporting entities have their own customizable chart of accounts and can include one or more portfolios.

Currency values and exchange rates fluctuate regularly. Solvas Accounting presents financial reports in multiple currencies with an automatic, separate calculation of foreign currency translation gain or loss.

How Solvas Accounting supports key roles

If you’re a Fund Administrator:

The challenge:
How can ensure streamlined accounting across bank debt investing and direct lending that delivers real-time visibility across assets with accurate, consistent and transparent data you can rely on?

The Solvas Accounting solution:
Solvas Accounting is a straightforward, resource-efficient, and flexible platform that manages the complexities of multiple financial instruments across multiple portfolios.

If you’re an Investment Manager:

The challenge:
How can you analyze performance accurately while supporting reports on different accounting bases — and without re-working huge volumes of data as variables change?

The Solvas Accounting solution:
Solvas Accounting enables the automated reprocessing of transactional activities, lets you data drill down from aggregate accounts for increased visibility, and is easily configured to your company’s financial methodology.

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