Solvas Portfolio

A fast, effective way to protect revenues, reduce risk, and better allocate resources.

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The market challenge

As portfolios grow, it’s harder for manual legacy tools to keep up with maintenance and reporting activities, leading to inaccurate data, inadequate asset servicing, and unnecessary exposure to risk.

Solvas Portfolio

A multi-asset class administration and reporting solution, Solvas Portfolio provides powerful capabilities to simplify operations and reduce back-office burdens across the asset lifecycle. You’ll have a transparent and holistic view of your portfolio, making it easier to settle trades, collaborate with trustees, reconcile cash positions, protect revenues, and reduce risk.

More information, more insight, fewer hassles

Get a 360-degree view

By aggregating data across multiple strategies, portfolios, and asset types, Solvas Portfolio provides total insight into assets under management.

Access into easily

Simple, intuitive workflows provide a quick, effective way to analyze data and manage and track risk.

Keep everyone informed

Advanced reporting capabilities ensure smart, transparent communication to your key stakeholders and fund trustees.

Save time and cut expenses

Solvas Portfolio simplifies the business of managing even substantial portfolios, reducing administrative responsibilities and costs.

Open up seamless software communication

It’s easy to integrate Solvas Portfolio with accounting, trade, cash reconciliation, and credit risk platforms, making it the central hub of your operations ecosystem.

Make it easy on yourself

Our experts can lead the migration of your asset data into Solvas Portfolio, ensuring a trouble-free process for you and your team.

Data for smarter decisions

Solvas Portfolio supports a broad array of collateral, including bonds; factor- based securities; asset-backed securities; syndicated, corporate, or real estate loans; credit default swaps; and equities.

Pro rata and non-pro rata trading with purchase lot tracking and portfolio trading wizards help speed users through individual actions.

Solvas Portfolio delivers a robust library of standard reports and full historical reporting.

Data import/export and comparison tools let you compare datasets for greater insight into your portfolio.

Full safeguards and governance ensure data privacy.

How Portfolio supports key roles

If you’re a Chief Financial Officer:

The challenge:
How can you ensure a 360-degree view of assets under management that ensures accuracy, scalability, and replication as the business grows?

The Solvas Portfolio solution:
Solvas Portfolio’s comprehensive, integrated, and end-to-end administration solution simplifies operations and reduces complexity across the credit lifecycle, scaling seamlessly as your business evolves and expands.

If you’re a Chief Operating Officer:

The challenge:
How can you free your teams from the costly, time consuming, and increasingly risky responsibility of accurately maintaining and reporting on asset activity using inadequate manual legacy tools?

The Solvas Portfolio solution:
Solvas Portfolio platform gives you and your service providers a simple digital administration and reporting solution that reduces the everyday complexity of asset management, lowering risk in the process.

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