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Intelligent document processing for more efficient operations

Market-leading data and analytics for smarter decision-making and strategic growth.

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The market challenge

As markets change and funds grow, documentation becomes increasingly complex. Add in the fact that information is coming in different formats and from multiple systems, and data extraction and processing become more expensive and time consuming. In the end, trying to get the insights you need becomes a drag on operational efficiency.

Solvas Digitize

With Solvas Digitize, you’ll take control of complex documents (and costs) and capitalize on the the information they contain. Fully automated document receipt, data extraction, validation, and reconciliation features drive operational efficiency — and produce highly accurate, digitized information ready to use for more strategic decision-making.

Better insights, faster and cost-efficiently

Stay in control

Manage every aspect of document processing – including data extraction, validation and reconciliation, and downstream processing – all in one place.

Ensure data quality

Solvas Digitizes’ dynamic ‘decision-tree’ workflow makes it easy to spot incomplete data and remediate it.

Say goodbye to errors

Whether you’re working with structured documents such as spreadsheets; semi-structured documents like email messages; or unstructured documents, including contracts and memos, Solvas Digitize’s intelligent data extraction provides above-industry-average accuracy

An analytical powerhouse

Search, view, and download documents as soon as you receive them and view digitization results via our document portal.

A customizable workflow engine lets you supplement, categorize, and process digitized documents and related data.

Data is prepared for your specific analytical needs and is delivered via the Solvas communication interface to your downstream system.

Our expert data specialists can enhance the extraction process to give you the fullest data visibility possible.

How Solvas Digitize supports key roles

If you’re a Chief Operating Officer:

The challenge:
When your team is burdened by highly complex documentation, how can you minimize reconciliation and processing costs and give your people more time to interpret results?

The Solvas Digitize solution:
Because we offer Solvas Digitize as a managed service, meaning you have access to technology and expertise, you can realize high-quality data extraction and document digitization without significant capital expenditure or investment.

If you’re a Chief Technology Officer:

The challenge:
Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence technologies may provide significant benefits to current document processing needs, particularly in high-volume scenarios. How do you capitalize on these technologies cost efficiently?

The Solvas Digitize solution:
Digitize Investor Statements extracts and reconciles data from multiple types of unstructured GP-provided source documents, including capital account statements, capital calls, and distribution notices. That data is normalized and ready for import to your downstream reporting system.

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