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Solvas Digitize

Efficient, intelligent document processing to increase efficiency of your operations.

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The market challenge

Increasingly high volumes of complex documentation, in different formats from multiple systems, makes processing and data extraction costly in both time and resources, resulting in operational inefficiencies and impaired decision-making.

Solvas Digitize

Digitize enables you to take control of complex documentation using the very latest straight-through-processing technology. Our fully automated document receipt, data extraction, validation and reconciliation features drive operational efficiency and give you highly accurate, digitized information that is ready to use. At the same time, it frees up your teams to interpret results and make strategic decisions, delivering quicker, deeper insight at reduced cost.

How Digitize supports your business

Liberate time and money
Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, freeing up your teams to focus on higher-value strategic tasks.

Stay in control
Manage every aspect of document processing – from receipt to data extraction, validation and reconciliation, and downstream processing – all in one place.

Market-leading accuracy
Digitize’s intelligent data extraction gives you above-industry-average accuracy for various structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents.

Easy data conversion
Convert extracted data to a common universal dataset to give you enhanced data for processing, regardless of format and volume.



Complete, quality data
Digitize’s dynamic ‘decision-tree’ workflow minimizes the effort to identify, and accelerates the population of, incomplete data. In addition to supplementing the automated data extraction, the Digitize data analysis experts ensure data quality.

Standardized and ready to use
Reconciles and standardizes your non-digitized data and connects it with already digitized data to reduce potential discrepancies, ready for use in multiple downstream systems.

Configures to your industry
Digitize can be applied to a variety of use cases across industries with minimum configuration and no additional investment.

The key features of Solvas Digitize

Improve your operational efficiency:

Instant access
Search, view, and download documents instantly upon receipt and view the results from the digitization process via our document portal.

Highly configurable
Digitize is engineered for your analytical needs, including a customizable workflow engine to supplement, categorize, and process digitized documents and related data as relevant for your business.

Enriched data
Extracted data is attached to processed documents as metadata tags.

Downstream connectivity
Data is prepared for your specific analytical needs and can be agnostically delivered to multiple downstream systems via the Solvas Communication Interface.

Quality controls
When incomplete, our expert data specialists supplement the extraction process to give you the fullest possible data visibility.


How Solvas Digitize supports key roles

If you're a Chief Operating Officer:

The challenge: 

When your team is increasingly inundated with highly complex documentation and the burden of data reconciliation and processing, how can you remain efficient and capitalize on the increasing value of the information these documents contain?


The Digitize solution:  

Solvas Digitize is a managed service, clients can realize high-quality data extraction and document digitization without significant capital expenditure or investment.

If you're a Chief Technology Officer:

The challenge: 

Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence technologies may provide significant benefits to current document processing needs, particularly in high-volume scenarios. How do you capitalize on these technologies cost efficiently?


The Digitize solution:  

Solvas Digitize offers state-of-the-art technology without significant capital investment and, as a highly configurable solution, minimizes implementation effort.

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