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Solvas Portfolio

Simplified, holistic asset management for a fast, effective way to derive insights and manage risk.

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The market challenge

Managing asset administration is increasingly complex and challenging for fund managers and service providers. As portfolios grow, the ability to accurately maintain and report on ongoing transactional activity using manual legacy tools can lead to inaccurate data, poor asset servicing, and unnecessary risk exposure.

Solvas Portfolio

Portfolio cuts through the day-to-day complexity of asset management in order to simplify operations across the asset lifecycle. Our market-leading administration and reporting solution provides a transparent, easy-to-use and holistic view of assets that helps protect revenues, reduce risk and save your back-office time and resources.

How Portfolio supports your business

Integrated, end-to-end administration

Enjoy a complete 360° view
With the ability to aggregate data across multiple strategies, portfolios and asset types, Portfolio acts as a valuable source of data, providing a transparent, easy-to-use, holistic view of assets under management.

Deepen and share your insight
Simple, intuitive workflows provide a quick and impactful way to analyse data and manage and track risk, while first-class reporting capabilities ensure smart, transparent communication to your key stakeholders and fund trustees.

Customizable and secure
Portfolio’s highly-customisable features provide powerful capabilities from trade capture, to asset and deal administration and reconciliation, while full safeguards and governance ensure data privacy.





For a diverse market
The platform is ideal for asset managers, financial institutions and hedge fund administrators, as well as syndicated, corporate, or real estate loan administrative agents.

Save time and cost
By simplifying the business of asset management, Portfolio helps substantially reduce the general administrative burden and cost of managing substantial portfolios.

Uniquely flexible
Portfolio is easy to integrate with other vendor platforms, including accounting, trade and cash reconciliation systems or credit risk platforms, becoming the central hub of your operations ecosystem.

The key features of Portfolio

Hassle-free administration

Comprehensive collateral management
Provides detailed support for a broad array of collateral, including bonds; factor-based securities; asset-backed securities; syndicated, corporate, or real estate loans; credit default swaps; and equities.

Onboarding support
Our internal teams can lead the migration of your asset data into our solution to ensure a trouble-free process for you and your team.

Intuitive interface
Pro rata and non-pro rata trading with purchase lot tracking and portfolio trading wizards help speed users through individual actions.

End-to-end reporting
Delivers a robust library of standard reports and full historical reporting.


Reduce operational costs
Seamless workstreams allow users to settle trades, collaborate with trustees, and reconcile cash positions with ease.

Your central hub
Our expert team manage implementation and can partner with vendors to connect seamlessly to your accounting systems.

Global scope
Allows for global, cross-portfolio processing of principal and interest transactions and cash receipts, and provides multiple payment-in-kind (PIK) calculation methodologies and multi-currency support.

Compare for greater insight
Includes data import/export and comparison tools for effective analysis.

How Portfolio supports key roles

If you're a Chief Financial Officer:

The challenge: 

How can you ensure a 360° view of assets under management that ensures accuracy, scalability and replication as the business grows?


The Portfolio solution:  

Portfolio’s comprehensive, integrated and end-to-end administration solution simplifies operations and reduces complexity across the credit lifecycle, scaling seamlessly as your business evolves and expands.

If you're a Chief Operating Officer:

The challenge: 

How can you free your teams from the costly, time consuming, and increasingly risky attempt to accurately maintain and report on asset activity with inadequate manual legacy tools?


The Portfolio solution:  

Our platform gives you and your service providers a simple, digital administration and reporting solution that reduces the everyday complexity of asset management and reduces risk.

Tailor Solvas Portfolio to your business with our additional modules

Solvas Compliance
Compliance is a simple to use, rules-based and scalable platform that provides clear calculations for your Collateralized Loan Obligations. Cost-effective and user-configurable, the platform enables you to navigate boundaries using coverage, collateral quality and concentration limits for each CLO, ensuring effective, efficient risk management without the need for programming knowledge.
Our solution is specifically designed to help CLO managers, trustees, alternative investment managers, and fund administrators manage their portfolios more effectively and efficiently.

Solvas Agent
Agent is our technologically advanced and extensive administration and reporting system created to support the activities of loan administrative agents. With the ability to create agent reports and notices from loan administrative activity tracked in Solvas Portfolio, Agent is designed to ensure efficient, modern distribution, supporting individual or batch notice generation in various file formats. Automatically-customised notices can be sent directly by the system’s email distribution capabilities; all notices distributed are logged in the system for a full record of loan transactions. The system allows for the advanced management of contacts and wiring/payment instructions, supports the complex network of parties and details necessary for accurate portfolio servicing, and includes a library of agent-specific reports.

Solvas Performance
Constructed to integrate seamlessly with Solvas Portfolio, Performance offers interactive, cross-portfolio, and multi-currency performance reporting for collateral managers, trustees, and alternative investment managers.
Performance provides asset returns across multiple asset classes directly from activity in Solvas Portfolio, and generates results for single or multiple user-selected portfolios over a specified period. As well as supporting multi-currency portfolios and PIK methodologies, Performance is complemented by a series of portfolio reports for performance calculations, including earned income, realised gain/loss, unrealised gain/loss and investment amount.

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